Green energy increased among tech companies

The use of green Energy increased among tech companies, 95 lakh crore will be spent in ten years.

Promotion of solar and wind power by big companies Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple long Timeless Anublum.

Richard and Carson Harkered know in 2016, Cultivated in North Carolina, USA, 696 acres of land is being sold. 

Carolina is the Father and owner of a solar energy company The daughter’s food used to pass through that land fell on the transmission line. A line Large Power Grid- PJM Interconnection was connected. As soon as you see them, A gold mine is found. He of the land Made a deal.

Green energy
Green energy

Harkrader and the power grid Quickly, land lease French to join Energy company gave it to NG. Ng Over 4500 MW of solar worldwide generates electricity. NGA Harreader’s Complete of the company’s Hattie Creek Solar Farm Contracted to sell electricity to Amazon took

This type of power purchase agreement (PPP) Clean Energy in America That is, forward in the direction of Clean Energy is proving important in growing.

Two hundred thirty-five gigawatts of the power grid in America (One gigawatt equals one thousand mega Watt) wind and solar electricity capacity. Among various companies, 52 gigawatts of electricity A purchase agreement has been made. 

Amazon, Big ones like Microsoft and Google Technology companies, green energy revolution advancing. Since PPP To promotes green energy projects, Get Gerty.

Power purchase inflation of large companies: Amazon is at the forefront in this matter. It was done with solar and wind power.

In the last three years, 15.7 GW of wind and solar electricity has toured the world. Amazon only cleans electricity Not limited to use. 

2030 by the company Up to one lakh electric delivery vehicles It has also been announced to make Harreader Say Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart And companies like Target from Sun and Air

Acceleration of the market for generated electricity is doing American President Joe Biden. The government defends the increasing solar energy production Production Act has been implemented.

For this reason But investment in renewable energy plants has increased. Under Sun Reduction Act Rs. 29, The movement has also become faster with the provision of lakhs of crores. According to analysts Akshay of Wood Mackenzie Company, in ten to twelve years of Investment in Energy, Rs. 95.62 lakh crore will be more.

Bloomberg NEET estimates that 940 gigawatts of solar power will be installed by 2025. The solar polysilicon panels required for production will begin to be ready. 

Many Renewable energy power purchase agreements with tech companies for the next ten years. Who is afraid? 

Meta has contracted 7.5 GW. Google, in 2017, A completely new energy source was introduced. Company 7 GW Electricity has been purchased. It will run all its data centers on renewable Energy. Microsoft has signed a contract for 8 gigawatts. 

Apple completed its work in 2018. Other than technology companies, Big companies have also taken the initiative.

Climate Change Consultancy Company, Three Degree’s Tyler Esminoja, says simply, Not just big companies, but many big ones Corporates are investing in this sector. from the Pfizer Texas wind farm in 2021 15-year contract for 310 MW electricity have done One of Ford Michigan in August 650 MW of solar power from the company have agreed to.

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